My work is supported fiscally by my human, Sally. She provides my food, vet visits, memberships, training, treats for me and friends, and transportation. If you have a need for help with technology coaching, technology training, grantwriting, mobile device implementation and training, Web 2.0 tools, Internet research, event planning, music theory training, music coaching – trumpet or horn, or music or theatre coaching for auditions, consider contacting and contracting her. She will help you address your needs. You can reach her on Twitter via direct message using @sbair.
If you would like to help support me, I am working to build my traveling library of books for children to read to me. The list of books that follows are the ones I want to have in my special traveling reading library. Contact me using Twitter (@LaceyTD) to see if the book you would like to give is already in my library. Used books are fine. All books are accepted with deep gratitude.